Water damage due to leakage from home appliances

You can get very frustrated when you find that one of your home appliances leaked water and cause water damage to your living area or basement. Many home appliances are fixed for various purposes to give you comfort and ease, like dishwasher or laundry machine or air conditioner or sump pump.

Leaking pipes or appliances can cause severe damage if a home owner is not at home or the leakage is small and remain unnoticed for some days. These leakages can create a huge mess and cause extensive water damage due to water presence. If left unnoticed it can get bigger and costly.

Leakage from appliances can disturb their performance and functioning besides causing water damage to the area and contents placed there. In these situations, there are possibilities of mold growth, structural damage and content damage. It can damage your drywall, wood floors, carpets, furniture and seep through small cracks and hole weakening the structural foundation.

Standing water contains detergent and dirt can turn into grey and then black water and can develop virus, bacteria and other harmful containments. This type of water is very harmful for health, causing dysentery, hepatitis, cholera and other illnesses.

This situation calls for professional help to repair the source of water leakage and to mitigate the water damage to contents and place. These experts from Restoration Pros are qualified and skilled in water damage cleanup, repairs and restoration of all sizes either residential or commercial buildings.

Many home appliances are fitted with pipes to release dirty water out of them. You fail to realize that they are not functioning properly until the problem gets bigger. These home appliances cause water leaks and reasons are many.

Washing machine

Washing machine pipes are pressurized and most of the time water supply is open in automatic washing machines even when not in use. This can cause hoses to break and cause gallons of water spread out on floors. Slow leaks from loose fitted or worn pipes can cause mold growth behind machines.


A dishwasher can leak from pipes carrying dirty water due to huge pressure. During the functioning of dishwasher pipes can burst from drain line or supply line and spill dirty water on floor. Slow leaks can cause corrosion, mold growth and bacteria.

Water heater

Water heaters can get rusty with the passage of time and can easily cause leakage issues due to cracked pipes and loose fittings. Water heater tanks can easily burst and spread gallons of water damaging hugely. Hot water can cause more damage than cold water.


Refrigerators with built-in ice makers are fitted with supply line of water and it can cause leakage or burst lines due to pressure. Fridges also tend to leak and remain unnoticed for long time.

Cooling and heating system

Air conditioners can cause water damage too due to leaks, blockage and breakage. Sometimes leaks are hard to find behind the walls or in the ceilings and cause severe structural damage and mold spread.

Plumbing fixtures

A lot of clean and dirty water passes through pipes to bath tubs, toilets, sinks, sprinklers and faucets and can leak and break due to daily usage and wear and tear.

All these appliances and pipes need regular maintenance and repairs to keep them functioning properly and reduce that cause of water damage.

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