Washington – Where to get the Medicare insurance plans?

Washington Medicare Supplement plans are available for those who reside in the state and are receiving Medicare benefits. These plans are designed to supplement Medicare insurance, providing help with costs and services that Medicare will not cover, including deductibles, co-payments, out-of-pocket expenses, long term respite care, and extended home health services.

While Original Medicare is a nice benefit to help with the cost of medical services, not everything is covered. Medicare Parts A and B will not pay for extended stays in a hospital or skilled nursing facilities, and Medicare recipients must shoulder large expenses after a major surgery.

Washington Medicare Supplement Plans

Washington state Medicare Supplement plans, also called Washington Medigap plans, are designed to work along with the Medicare program. These plans are not designed to work as standalone policies, hence the reason that they are called a supplement.

There are ten WA Medicare Supplement plans that customers can choose from, and all of these are designated by a letter of the alphabet, A through N. All plans have been standardized by Medicare according to their letter designation, making it simple for shoppers to compare benefits. What this means is that no matter where you purchase the plan, the benefits will be the same.

For example, ten companies in the state that are selling Plan C Medicare Supplements will all offer the same benefits. Five companies that are offering Medicare Supplement Plan B will all offer the same exact benefits in that plan also. None of the Medigap plans provide prescription coverage. If you need prescription coverage, you will have to purchase a Part D Medicare prescription plan.

Some states require carriers to offer plans to supplement Medicare to those beneficiaries under the age of 65. Unfortunately, Washington doesn’t make this a requirement. Good news is that some carriers will still make the plans available to those under 65 in the state of Washington.

Choosing the Right Medicare Supplement Plans in Washington DC

When you’re choosing Washington Medicare Supplemental insurance plans, there are many important factors you need to keep in mind. First, you need to consider what kind of benefits you will need. Once you have narrowed down your plan choices, it’s time to take into account the costs. While insurance companies will sell the same plans, their rates will differ. Premiums can range, depending on what the insurance company feels like charging for the coverage. Since rates will differ from company to company, and even state to state in some cases, it’s smart to call around to find the lowest prices for the plan that you want.

Pre-Existing Conditions for Medicare Supplement Plans in Washington State

When you’re shopping for Medicare Supplement plans in Washington State, it’s vital that you know the guidelines of each insurance company regarding pre-existing conditions. While there are companies that will not pose any limitations, others will require that you wait up to a period of six months before you can receive any coverage for your condition, this can be avoided if you enroll during your Open Enrollment Period.

Some companies will only require that you wait between two and three months before coverage for your condition can begin. It’s best to purchase a plan during your Open Enrollment. Your Open Enrollment begins on the first day of the month your 65+ years old and also are enrolled in Part B of Medicare. Let’s say you turned 65 on March 12th, but didn’t enroll in Part B Medicare until September 10th. This means your OEP will start on October 1st and last 6 months.

Compare the Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Washington State Online

We understand that the task of shopping for the perfect supplement plan is stressful and time consuming. Because we don’t want you to feel consumed and discouraged, we invite you to call our highly trained, licensed insurance agents. We’re here to ensure that no unnecessary time is wasted and that the shopping process is stress free.

To learn more about your ten supplement plan options, please click here to be brought to our FAQs. If you’re ready to compare the best Medicare Supplemental insurance in Washington State online today, click here!

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