Terms and Conditions for Renewal of Two Wheeler Insurance

Fundamentally there aren’t too many differences when it comes to the processing steps to renew two wheeler insurance whether it is online or offline. One such step is the terms and conditions page which we usually skip and just sign. However, one must pay some attention to it and not blindingly sign the documents or click on I Agree.

The terms and conditions page of a policy usually covers all the conditions under which the insurer will acknowledge your claims. It also contains all the scenarios where your policy will not hold its grounds. It also provides the depreciation rates for your two wheeler, along with details regarding the third party liability.

The terms and conditions page also contains instances and details of things that both the parties are liable to during the policy term. Though it might be a bit time consuming to go through all of the points but it will help you in the longer run. Thus, do not skip out this important step.

Where to Find the Best Renewal Plans Online

Insurers these days are putting in a lot of effort to make their presence felt in the online scheme of things. If you wish to renew two wheeler insurance, you can visit the website of your favourite or preferred insurer. In fact, it is much easier to find a quote for your insurance renewal online. You just need to ensure some basic details such as registration number of your vehicle, manufacturer, model, year of registration and city of residence.

You can use the individual websites of the insurers to find a quote and policy that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can visit any of the comparison websites like Coverfox.com. There are several comparison website in the country which vouches to make the renewal process even easier and hassle-free. You need to provide similar information up front for renewal.

However, instead of fetching details from one insurer, these websites do the same across various insurers. You end up having a list of insurers and their product offerings along with the quotes. This helps you take a more informed decision in terms of features versus the pricing. Once you are happy with a deal, you can proceed with the payment and purchase the policy.

Why Should You Renew Your Insurance Online

When you do set out to renew two wheeler insurance, there are only two ways of going around it. The first is the usual offline mode, where you need to either get in touch with an insurance agent or visit an insurer’s branch office. The second and arguably the easier option is to renew your policy online. Here are some of the benefits of renewing online.

  • Less Interactions

A lot of people do not genuinely enjoy interactions with insurance agents. If you are one of them, renewing online is the right way forward for you. When you do opt to buy insurance online, you do not have to interact with any agents or representatives. This also gives you the freedom of choosing a policy that you feel holds good.

  • Options galore

To renew two wheeler insurance offline, one might have to visit a lot of walking around to get an idea of different policies. The online mode is the exact opposite. You can relax on your couch and still get all the options for a two wheeler insurance. It is relatively easier for you to find out the pros and cons of a policy as well.

  • Discounts

In a bid to increase their online presence, most of the insurers have invested substantial amount of money in setting up platforms. To ensure that more people buy their products online, insurers give out healthy discounts. You could benefit from the same when you renew two wheeler insurance online.

  • Affordable

The offline mode usually involves a lot of people and intermediaries. When you renew online, you skip out all of them. This creates a win-win situation for both the parties. The insurers can pass on some of those benefits to you, which in turn reduces your premiums.

  • Faster

Renewing insurance online is incredibly fast. The online application forms are optimised to fetch only the bare minimum information from you. Once that part is done, you need to pay for the premium and can expect the policy within a few days.

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